Critical Path 061: All the Bioshocks


Stephen got round to playing Bioshock Infinite's DLCs and him and Ran discuss them at length. There are some spoilery segments for episode 2, so if you don't want to hear them skip a handful of minutes ahead at that point. You have been warned.

Also there's talk on the new Wolf Among us episode, Stephen and Ran really liked it!
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Critical Path 060: Reaper of Dark Souls


Hello stranger! How would you like a talk about the new Diablo expansion, some more Dark Souls coverage, a discussion about the South Park video game and even some opinions on the new iOS game Monument Valley. Well! Stephen, Ran and Adam have that for you.

Stay a while and listen.
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Critical Path 059: Darkrausers


Join Stephen and Adam for in depth coverage of Luftrausers and the end game content of Dark Souls 2. Throw in a little discussion about Red Orchestra 2, and all the usual shenanigans you expect, and you got yourself an episode going!

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Critical Path 058: Darker Souls


Guess what game Stephen wants to talk about all the time? That's right, From Software made a sequel to his favourite game ever and he finally has an excuse for relevant Dark Souls chatter. This time he's even finished the game, meaning he can talk authoritatively and only occasionally make stuff up (disclaimer: Stephen has since learnt there is a limit of 12 on estus flasks).

You want more? How about some Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes chatter, Stephen played that game also.
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Critical Path 057: That The World Might Be Mended


A new episode appeared!

And it has a buncha stuff in it, like Diablo 3 (post loot 2.0 patch), South Park: The Stick of Truth, The Walking Dead: Season Two: Episode 2, Titanfall and Dark Souls 2.
This super-condensed episode has a lot of content, a bit of filler, and a whole lot of games.
As always (since a few episodes ago), you can find our newest podcasts in video form as well on Youtube!

Critical Path 056- Waiting for the Titan to fall


Titanfall Beta, Left Behind DLC, Danganronpa, Jazzpunk, Starbound, the Wolf Among Us! Talk about those is all well and good (and definitely included), but we know you want to hear about Twitch Plays Pokemon. 

We've got that covered.

This video for this episode can be found here:
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Critical Path 055: GOTY 2013


It's finally time! Here's a big one for you, our game of the year awards for 2013. What does this mean? Well it means over four hours of discussion and debate, full of double crossing and awkward compromise. Also, it is our first ever video podcast, so if you wish to see the carnage for yourself then do we have a link for you:

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Critical Path 054: Also Rans


Remember that episode recently where Adam and Stephen talked about their favourite games of 2013, remember how Ran wasn't there? Regardless of your memory, those things happened. Therefore, now that we have full access to Ran Harpaz it makes sense to extend him the same courtesy and let him talk about games he loves (from 2013). There's also some non-gaming stuff towards the back end, but it was Ran's party and he can do what he wants.

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Critical Path 053: Playing Catch Up


In the time we've had off games have been played, so join Stephen and Ran for a little chat about them. Primarily it's just an excuse to talk at length about Persona 4 Golden and Revengeance, but that's a good thing!

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Critical Path 052- Best Games of 2013


Our game of the year awards are yet to come, but for now Stephen and Adam take some time to talk through their personal favourite games of 2013 and celebrate some love before competition starts in the months to come.

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