Critical Path 071: The Shadow Remains Cast


A couple of days late, but a special episode! For the first time, two podcast members are recording from the same location... Which has minimal impact on the proceedings apart from being kind of neat.

So what video games are Stephen, Ran and Adam going to talk about? Well, Shadow of Mordor mostly, and that really amazing Bayonetta 2 demo.
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Critical Path 070: Destined for Greatness?


Destiny came out. Stephen, Adam and Ran played it. They now want to talk about it a lot.

There's some other stuff, but mostly Destiny.
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Critical Path 069: You know what we did last summer?


We're back form our summer holidays! Well, Stephen and Ran are anyway. They've been busy though, Stephen has a new console in his life and both of them have played video games. So stick around for Stephen doting on P.T, the pair falling head over heels for Rogue Legacy on Vita and having all kinds of opinions about Telltale adventure games.

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Critical Path 068- The New Order


Presented virtually without comment.

Circumstances shortened the podcast, but we'll be back sometime late August. Meanwhile Ran is planning on streaming some things over on over the next few weeks, although the situation in Israel is putting a damper on things right now.
Have an awesome summer!
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Critical Path 067- E3 2014 Part 2


It's still E3 2014 time! It's part 2 of our press conference breakdown, this one focuses on Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo. 

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Critical Path 066- E3 2014 Part 1


It's E3 time! Join Stephen, Ran, Daniel and Tom for a breakdown of all the big conferences. In this episode we have Microsoft and EA... Enjoy!

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Critical Path 065- Wolfenstein Among Us


The Critical Path Podcast is a gaming podcast for the moderately informed gamer. We talk about what games we've played since the last episode, what big news happened since the last episode, and whatever else comes to mind.

This episode, expect talk of Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4, and the upcoming E3.

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Critical Path 064: Is Watch_Dogs any good?


It's Stephen Gillespie and Adam Page only this week, but boy do they have games to talk about! Things start off with chat about inFAMOUS Second Son, but quickly move into new releases. Expect discussion and analysis of Transistor and a lengthy talk about that Watch_Dogs game that came out. Does it live up to the extreme hype, is it even good? Find out here!

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Critical Path 063- Weird Games


We have played some odd stuff recently, Conception 2 and Mugen Souls Z being prime examples. Stephen, Ran and Tom weigh in on these topics as well as talk a lot of Hearthstone, Nintendo news, discuss Broforce and find time to talk about Microsoft and its kinectless future. Enjoy!

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Critical Path 062: Games Galore!


Stephen and Ran are back, and they have video games to talk about!. Stephen bought a PS4, Ran played the new Spider-Man. Oh, you want more? Well how about extended discussion on Hitman GO, Trials Fusion and Child of Light? We've got that stuff also.

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