Critical Path 074 - Here Be Dragons


Wait no more, Ran and Tom are here to discuss Dragon Age Inquisition, Assassin's Creed Unity, Metal Gear Solid 4 and other current games.

I dunno, nothing's come out in a while, and we did promise a Dragon Age episode, so there.
Keep tuned, we'll have some more episodes in the coming weeks with the guys' Top lists for 2014, and the ever-monstrous GotY discussion episode (which Stephen will host). 
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Critical Path 073.5 - Old Year’s End


In this super-short episode, Ran says Happy Holidays.

Keep checking in, we'll have a proper podcast episode for you very soon.

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Critical Path 073 - First Time, Long Time, Double Time


Come one, come all, as Ran (second time as host), Stephen (first time as guest) and Tom (fifth (?) time overall) talk about Super Smash Bros. U, Game of Thrones: Episode 1: Iron from Ice, and more!

Also, awards happened , and news happened (because December? What the hell is going on!?)

It's 12/12/14 as we record, and, suitably we have some games to talk about, and three people to talk about them, and only two of us have played each one. So it's either going to be great, or absolutely horrendous. I can't tell which.

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Critical Path 072 - They’re Ba-aaack!


It's been too long, but we're back, with a new Critical Path Podcast episode!

Today's cast members are Ran Harpaz and Adam Page, with a special Cameo by Stephen Gillespie (if I can get it working, that is), and the subject is going to be mainly about catch-up over the games released since mid-october, when we last 'cast.

Also, because we haven't done it in a while, news! And maybe some non-game related stuff.

Most importantly, the podcast is changing hands, with Ran taking over as host as Stephen steps back, at least for the time being. No worries, however, as Ran has decided on a specific accent to use, so we won't have a repeat of The Episode That Shall Not Be Mentioned.

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Critical Path 071: The Shadow Remains Cast


A couple of days late, but a special episode! For the first time, two podcast members are recording from the same location... Which has minimal impact on the proceedings apart from being kind of neat.

So what video games are Stephen, Ran and Adam going to talk about? Well, Shadow of Mordor mostly, and that really amazing Bayonetta 2 demo.
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Critical Path 070: Destined for Greatness?


Destiny came out. Stephen, Adam and Ran played it. They now want to talk about it a lot.

There's some other stuff, but mostly Destiny.
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Critical Path 069: You know what we did last summer?


We're back form our summer holidays! Well, Stephen and Ran are anyway. They've been busy though, Stephen has a new console in his life and both of them have played video games. So stick around for Stephen doting on P.T, the pair falling head over heels for Rogue Legacy on Vita and having all kinds of opinions about Telltale adventure games.

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Critical Path 068- The New Order


Presented virtually without comment.

Circumstances shortened the podcast, but we'll be back sometime late August. Meanwhile Ran is planning on streaming some things over on over the next few weeks, although the situation in Israel is putting a damper on things right now.
Have an awesome summer!
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Critical Path 067- E3 2014 Part 2


It's still E3 2014 time! It's part 2 of our press conference breakdown, this one focuses on Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo. 

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Critical Path 066- E3 2014 Part 1


It's E3 time! Join Stephen, Ran, Daniel and Tom for a breakdown of all the big conferences. In this episode we have Microsoft and EA... Enjoy!

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